The Strength Shed

The Strength Shed… sounds scary right?

Well, rest assured it’s not. The strength is built in body and in mind. Yes, your goal may not be to get super strong, but it is often said that strength is never a weakness. Strength is also relative, in the sense that it could mean anything from being a strong athlete, to not wanting to struggle with the shopping bags or holiday luggage, to simply being able to get out of a chair or bath without needing to use your arms.

Countless studies have shown that improving your physical health can improve your self-esteem, building mental strength and creating positive change towards maintaining good mental health. The Strength Shed embodies all of this and is a dream realised by Johnny himself, with over a decade in the fitness industry this has always been his dream.


What’s in the Strength Shed?

The Strength Shed is a purpose-built boutique style gym studio with cardio equipment consisting of a concept 2 rower and Rogue echo bike. All weights and bars are competition grade and will accommodate all abilities from beginners to high level athletes. There is a full range of kettle bells, boxing gloves and pads, medicine balls, TRX, GHD machine and core training equipment. For the workouts there are sleds, famers walk bars and prowlers. The Strength Shed has its own toilet and a Nespresso coffee machine. Crucially, training with a Johnny in the Strength Shed gives you the space to be yourself without worrying about what anyone else is doing!