“I have been training with Johnny at the Strength Shed for some time and, more recently, training specifically as a competitive powerlifter. To put it simply, if you want a coach who has a vast knowledge of all thing’s strength based and is willing to do anything and everything to help you achieve your goals, then then you're in the right place. The gym is equipped with competition spec equipment, the atmosphere is always fun, and you are guaranteed to gain strength in the safest and most effective way. Whether you are looking for specialised competition prep, or just want to learn and improve on your lifts, training with likeminded people always helps and encourages you do keep going, even when things get really tough!”

Emma Savage
“Johnny definitely knows his stuff and will work to improve you. Whether you want to learn the basics or improve on your lifts for competition he will help you out with his knowledge and experience and it will always be done with a smile”

Kato West PT
“I was a younger athlete looking to take my sport more seriously and Johnny provide the perfect balance of workouts! He not only went out of his way to study the sport I played but learnt the best ways to improve my body type for my position! He incorporated strength work not only on machines but free weighted too! We ventured to do hill running and agility work! He is committed to his clients! He is a great trainer with a greater personality! The one thing you will take away after a workout with Johnny is the knowing that you got better today!”

Ben Lawson
“I went to Johnny a few years ago for personal training to get me fit for my first Triathlon. Johnny was excellent at understanding my goals and created a program that got me from unfit to fighting fit, ready to compete in my first event. I went into the Triathlon with complete confidence and surprised myself at how fit I had become. He worked me very hard and scaled my program to what I needed at the time but always knowing I had a bit more in the tank. Would recommend Johnny 100%.”

Neeley Casserly
“Johnny is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable coaches I've had the pleasure to meet. As you train with Johnny you will learn what it takes to get strong and healthy and enjoy the whole process along the journey. He's a gem within the industry.”

Andrew Vincent
“Professional, trustworthy and authentic. Great qualities for a trainer. He knows his stuff and is a great listener. Johnny has integrity and great values. Don't be fooled by his kind nature though as he will drive you and help you focus your goals.”

Helen Tite
“Relaxed and friendly environment to work out in. Johnny is knowledgeable and explains everything so well. I feel I'm making some progress!”

Kimberly Holland
“Johnny is in a class of his own. Professional, motivating, keeps you thinking, keeps pushing you and keeps challenging you. His PT sessions are fantastic - he takes time to understand exactly what you want to achieve and then works out a bespoke plan to ensure you get there. A really top bloke and I can't recommend him highly enough.”

Jonny Edwards
“Awesome, very professional, very friendly...... I had spent many years doing fad diets and detox programs. I had done some weight training when I was younger and other activities like boxing, Muai Thai and MMA, all in small doses with no real structure or consistency and usually with very little enjoyment. My weight would yo yo constantly and even reached 105kg of pure fat. I spent a small fortune on diets like Atkins, 7-day juice detox etc etc and then a lot more money in between diets on junk food, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Last year my better half was undergoing training with Johnny, he was helping her overcome injuries and she was noticing big changes in her strength, mobility and also mood- so she recommended him to me. At the time I was overseas so I couldn't have a proper consultation, but I sent him some details of my restrictions and what I would like to achieve. It wasn't long before I received my own 6-week strength training program from him, he was very friendly and very quick to reply to all my questions. Since October when I started his training program my strength has increased dramatically. After the first 6 weeks it was time to re-test my 1RM, to my surprise my 4 main lifts had all increased by 15-20kg!!! Over the moon with this improvement I continued with the training program. Since October my gut has trimmed down by 5 & 1/2 inches, my arms, chest, shoulders and thighs have all added between 1 & 5cm of muscle, I feel a lot fitter, stronger and happier than ever before. Today I started the next 1RM testing week and have increased my back squat by a further 15kg (total of 35kg since start) I strongly recommend Johnny as a personal trainer to anyone, beginner to pro he knows his stuff. Cheers mate.”

Wayne Reed