Coach to Lifter Sessions

These are focused one to one sessions that involve the lifter being coached through a training session, in the luxury of a private performance facility, by a British Powerlifting level two coach. This service is for all abilities from beginner to expert lifters and are based on scientific principles and coaching practices.

90mins Technique Session

These sessions are in-depth, intensive and are designed for the improvement of a single lift or for all three of the fundamental lifts. It will involve the coach analysing, assessing and improving the efficiency and technique of the lifts. All aspects of the lifter’s technique, bar path and athlete safety will be assessed and advised upon. The coach will assist in identifying any muscle and mobility issues or weaknesses, with the intention of selecting accessory and assistance exercises for future programming. The sessions are specifically designed to increase strength, improve personal bests and are based on scientific principles and coaching practices.

Bespoke Programming: Four-week Training Block Design

The powerlifting program must have a training objective. This could be improving technique, strength, hypertrophy or peaking for a competition. The coach will require regular feedback, filming of main lifts and various other information to continue to monitor progress and performance session by session.


Powerlifting Club

The club runs three days per week for two hours-ish.

Tuesday 18:00hrs-20:00hrs

Thursday 18:00hrs-20:00hrs

Saturday 10:00hrs-12:00hrs

The club is an opportunity to train in the private performance facility with the best powerlifting equipment. It provides an environment where all lifters will be supported, encouraged and educated by fellow members, as well as a level two British powerlifting coach.