About Johnny Lawrence

Johnny’s journey into the fitness industry started as young athlete training and competing in various combat sports at an international level. This early experience exposed him to various different coaching methods, training philosophies and science-based approaches to improve strength, performance and body composition. Johnny qualified as a level 3 personal trainer in 2003 and following this his thirst for knowledge and pursuit of continued education begun. Since that point, Johnny has helped and supported countless people on their personal journeys to achieve their goals. Along the way he has always been able to extract an aspect of learning and development from each client’s journey. Equally he has attended many seminars and educational courses as even today he continues to learn, develop and grow as a coach, trainer and person.


• Premier Training International Fitness Trainer Award (Level 3)
• BSc Applied Sport & Health Science (Hons)
• British Powerlifting Level 2 Coach
• British Weightlifting Level 1 Coach
• Strength & Conditioning Level 1 Coach
• Fight Fit Level 1 Coach


Looking for the right trainer for you is super tricky. Personal training is exactly that… personal. It’s a professional relationship based on trust, commitment and achievement. This video is an insight into why Johnny Lawrence loves helping people, and if you’re considering getting in touch, hopefully this will make it less scary!

Johnny’s Approach

Johnny considers himself to be a client-centred coach and trainer. He strongly believes that it is not enough to just have knowledge and understanding of training principles and nutrition. He has discovered over his many years of experience that it is a person’s environment, habits and behaviour that will hold the answer to permanent and positive change. This holistic approach to understanding the how and why a client has become unhappy with their appearance and/or performance has highlighted habits and behaviours hidden within home, work and social life that must be considered when a training schedule is designed. The sessions with Johnny are only the catalyst for change – it is what the client does when they leave the session that will make the difference. How much sleep they get, what and when they eat, how much water they drink and how active they become will be just as important as the session its self. Johnny’s goal is to guide, support, educate and motivate clients until they are able to take control themselves. He aims to “train you to train yourself!”.